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Do you need help?
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What is JJ-Net Group?

JJ-Net Group consists of experts of internet services who solve the homepage, ecommerce, virtual environment and web service challenges of hundreds of companies annually. We deliver our services to Finland and abroad.

New viewpoints for your company?

JJ-Net Group is the leading developer and supplier of 360° environments in Finland. With our help you take your expertise, services or products directly to the customer. You get tailored and versatile web services like extranet solutions, server farms, Google-advertising, search engine optimization and content management from one place.

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Puutoimi, website


Founded in 1995, Puutoimi is a timber and supply store in Ylöjärvi. JJ-Net Group designed and implemented the look of the website. Panoramic images are used to present the store and the pick up hall on the website. The panoramic images can also be found on VirtualTampere.com -web service.