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JJ-Net Group Ltd

JJ-Net Group Ltd is a 2003 founded supplier of high-class and practical web services. We are specialized in secure and user friendly content management technology that is used to create visual e-learning services for companies and web services such as web sites for retailers, produced according to their brand.

Direct customership with multinational listed companies and the delivery of multiple communications and marketing agencies web services as subcontracting prove our ability to work in vast and challenging projects. There are almost 500 companies using our services and our CMS has almost 2000 users. The amount of web services delivered topped 500 in March 2013.

Board of directors

The board of directors of the JJ-Net Group Ltd in 2013:

Timo Saraketo (Soft Invest Ltd), Chairman
Kari Jeskanen, Member
Jari Kiuru, Member
Markku Saarinen, Member

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