Content management system

Carefree, fast and easy to learn tailored content management system or open source



Above all JJ-Net Group is a service company. We have developed a tailored and maintenance free TSI24-content management system according to the needs of our customers and supplied open source solutions like WordPress-content management systems. Customer's preferences, basis and goals determine the best possible solution.

Because customer is at the center of all activities TSI24 has been developed to offer - exactly from the customer's point of view - a maintenance free web service which introduction doesn't require seperate training or non-system software.

Web services like websites, panoramas or online shops maintenanced with this system are centered in the server environment of JJ-Net Group located in Finland that is especially designed for it. High security, functional and flexible helpdesk, scalable resources and centralized software updates for all customers can be quaranteed for TSI24 throught centered server environment.

The market is filled with wide range of content management systems so what makes TSI24 different? The fact that we have been paying special attention to the personal service of the user. There is an integrated online chat available for the users. In addition users are helped by email (helpdesk) and phone. Our customer gets always personal service and that's the way we want it to be.

As a producer of the TSI24 JJ-Net Group is an official Google Partner. The extensive cooperation with Google is utilized diversely in the search engine marketing and optimization of the system. The system contains also extensive integrations among other with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

With TSI24-content management system multiple web services can be maintained at once. There is an administrator level in the system that is designed especially for resellers like advertising agencies. This way an advertising agency can manage centrally all the web services of their customers. The appearance and domain of the system can be branded for advertising agencies' own use without losing centralized updates.

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